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Platinum Events takes the guesswork off your plate and keeps the "Bored" out of the boardroom. Our experienced team of designers and AV engineers have produced thousands of sales conferences and corporate meeting support services for Fortune 500, 100, and 50 companies  nationwide.

We give our clients the confidence that your corporate experience is unlike any other.


Sara-Lee Foods Corporate Sales Conference


Platinum Events offers professional lighting & visual services to ensure your presentation will be seen, felt, and remembered. Our expert lighting designers specialize in creating the perfect atmosphere to set the mood and create intrigue, resulting in a beautiful visual display.

P&G Proctor & Gamble Awards and sales conference


We are your premier vendor when it comes to planning top-tier sales conferences and meetings. Our experienced team specializes in planning, destination management, and corporate meeting services to help you make your special occasion one to remember.

Abbvie Awards and sales conference

Our team of stage designers specializes in creating unique designs, visuals, and impactful scenic ideas. Our talented team of design professionals will create a cutting-edge experience that will leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Making Music


As important as it is to be seen, your brands message must be heard. Our experienced audio engineers make sure your voice is loud and clear. We use the latest state-of-the-art audio equipment to bring professional sound to your event.

Allstate Corporate event, sales and meeting conference planning, design, and production


Platinum Events creates the most memorable and unique offsite experiences. We provide your team with workshop activities, company activations, and exclusive VIP experiences that bring colleagues together in an exciting and productive way.

Blueprint sales meeting and convention conference design production and meeting rentals


Platinum Events provides a unique and modern take on conference rentals. We offer sleek, branded, sophisticated furniture, charging tables, florals and more. We are dedicated to making you and your conference look incredible .

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